Oak Tree Practice Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy & Counselling
Brighton, Clapham and Haywards Heath

Reasons you might seek psychotherapy & counselling

Some people come to therapy without a specific issue in mind, perhaps because of a feeling that something is wrong but without knowing quite what, or a vague sense that there must be more to life. Other people may:

✿ be feeling depressed, anxious, or suffering from panic attacks
✿ be struggling to handle feelings of anger or other emotional states that no longer feel manageable
✿ be experiencing difficulties in their relationships
✿ wish to explore questions around their sexuality, gender, or other aspects of their identity
✿ have experienced abuse or trauma
✿ have experienced a recent painful life event, such as a relationship breakdown or a bereavement
✿ wish to explore difficult events or dynamics from earlier in their life that are impacting them today
✿ be experiencing a sense of ‘stuckness’ in their life
✿ have a desire for a greater sense of connection, intimacy and spontaneity in their life, and increased ease and vitality.

Issues I work with. trees (old)

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